Making Visual Reflections of Spaces and Places

Who knew a pineapple could transform the image of a city, not just visually but culturally. My husband and I recently took a trip to Charleston and learned all about how the pineapple is the symbol of hospitality and the origin of how that symbol came to be.

We learned so much history on so many levels, we certainly enjoyed our trip! Once I got home, I thought about the things that stick out to me the most. There were so many incredibly spaces and places! But I wanted to represent my experience of the city in one drawing….

I thought about a few other art pieces I formerly did (see my former art blog for others such as this), which involved simplified drawings compiled together in order to convey a sense of place. The first one I did was called “home” and it was inspired from another artists digital work that I saw in a local art shop. I did a spin off of how it related to me and my sense of home. My friend saw it hanging in my house and asked if I could make her one for her College Alma Mater, which I called “the great class of 2015”. I loved having my first commissioned piece.

For Charleston, I decided to think on both a large and small scale. If I had to describe my experience of Charleston in just six images, how would I do that? This is how…



I encourage you to try this. Maybe it’s describing your hometown, recent vacation or notable memories. This creation is entirely up to you, make it your own!