Homemade Furniture: Playing With LEGOS

Did you know that LEGOs make a great mold for concrete?? I didn’t either so I had to find out. With a little bit of caulk, LEGOs make incredible concrete molds, and they are fun to use because you can make clean lines and fantastic shapes for your mold!

I was looking to make a decorative bench to put in my living room, so I decided to experiment with making concrete molds. It took many iterations of sketching before I landed on what I wanted to make.

Something I really love is when something sturdy and strong looks extremely delicate. Thus, my vision for this bench was formed. Slender concrete legs delicately notched together with wood. It was easy and inexpensive to make as well! (*fun fact: the piece of wood I formed the mold on….it’s the underside of the top of the bench. After making the molds I flipped it over and stained it to be used as the bench top.)


The LEGOS make an incredible texture with the concrete.


Don’t be afraid to try something new! You never know what may happen. You may love it.


LEGOS: any toy/craft store

Concrete: lowes.com

Wood: recycled + lowes.com

LEGO mold inspiration: homemade-modern.com