Furniture Makeover : Reupholstering

To me, the beauty of redesigning furniture is that the piece then becomes more connected to the space once the project is complete. Buying a new piece of furniture and setting it in your home is fun and exciting but it’s also an unfamiliar object now occupying space in your home. You’re not used to seeing it when you walk in the room and it takes a while to become acquainted with it. Silly as it may sound, I love doing things myself because I feel as though I get to build a relationship with materials that way.

Reupholstering can seem daunting and scary at first. However, with a little research and encouragement, you can do it! I have a hand-me-down couch that looked it’s age. The fabric is dated, but if you could look past the fabric the furniture design was incredible. I really loved the piece of furniture and I also didn’t want to spend a lot on purchasing a new couch. So I decided to by a new fabric that would compliment the frame of the couch, and transformed it to my liking. The new couch already felt like it belonged there because I spent so many hours with it to install the new fabric. I have a deeper appreciation for my couch now that I have invested time and energy into making it function in my living room more cohesively. (It also leaves me in awe over people who do things like this for a living….because it did take a while!)

old fabric


The key in a furniture makeover is to see the potential in otherwise overlooked piece. This couch was formerly outdated, but with a fabric change and some modern details, this couch was transformed into a vintage modern piece that now is sat on every day. It’s exciting to see the potential in the typically unseen. This is what really gets me excited about design. It’s a challenge and a joy and the journey is just a fun (maybe more fun) than the destination.

new fabric


I would encourage you to rethink throwing an old piece of furniture away, and see how you can re-imagine and envision it’s great potential.


Fabric: JOANN fabric

Sewing Supplies: curved upholstery needle

Time: find your favorite podcast or book on tape, because it does take a while 🙂