Homemade Modern Peg Board Display

I was really excited about this idea! But instead of borrowing the peg board from the laundry room, I decided to make my own to match the style of the Studio. Off to Lowe’s I went. This homemade peg board was very simple, and it only took a few hours to make. The beauty of this really comes from the way in which you use it. Here were the steps/design choices I made and maybe you can find inspiration!

Step 1: 1/2″x2’x4′ Birch Plywood.I chose 1/2″ because I wanted it to be sturdy enough to not bend/sag in transport or when fully loaded with products while also not being too heavy to load/unload for each market. I also just love the finish of Birch, but you pick what fits you!

Step 2: Hole Pattern. This is where your creativity can set in. There are a ton of different options. Find something that inspires you and also allows the board to function as you wish. I drilled 1/2″ holes every 3″ for one board and 1/2″ hole every 6″ (alternating rows like a brick pattern) on the second board. (tip: if you sandwich your board between scrap wood and drill through the scrap wood, it’ll prevent the drill from blowing out the edges and make a clean hole).

Step 3: 1/2″ Dowels. A handsaw will easily cut these dowels to any length you want. Use fine sandpaper to finish them off. I sewed up some scrap fabric to make a little pouch to carry all the dowel in so I don’t lose them.

Step 4: Support. I chose to keep my peg board upright by hinging them together. I found some cool hinges I really love and hinged them together. One of the driving factors in this decision is that I can easily fold the two boards together for easy transport. I get more usable display space without taking up vital transport space.

Step 5: Get Creative! This is the fun part. Display time! The beauty of a peg board is that you can do it differently every time. You can learn from what you like/don’t like and make changes without having to invest in more/different displays. This is very appealing for a small business. It’s not just about the products at a market, but also how you present them! Present them proudly! You’re doing great things.

I hope this inspires you!