Vintage Modern Master Bedroom

Magazines, blogs, and social media aren’t the only places where beautifully designed rooms exists. They can exist in your own home too! It doesn’t have to bust your budget either. (cue happy dance)

Designing a space you love is all about identifying the things you love. It’s great to get inspiration, in fact, I love finding images that inspire me. But, after we find some inspiration it’s important to let your own voice speak. Besides, you’ll be the one living in it! Inspiration images are meant to be just that, inspiration. They are meant to spark ideas that have been waiting excitedly in our minds to be shaken up! What makes a beautifully designed room isn’t its similarity to a magazine article, but it’s similarity to YOU! The room should say, “hey there, I’m (insert your name here)’s room! Welcome!). It certainly can’t say that if it’s copied out of a magazine. And when the room carries your voice, it has the powerful ability to feel more like home than ever before.

So what’s the trick? Allow you own voice to speak. We are normally the ones silencing ourselves. Most often it’s because we are afraid it won’t look good, it won’t be liked or it’ll cost too much. Can I tell you a secret? It’s going to look good, it only matters if you like it and it’ll cost only what you’ll allow it to cost.

For my master bedroom, the driving force in the design was a painting by my grandfather. My great aunt and uncle gave me this painting as a wedding gift. I absolutely love it and the frame! The frame and the colors in this painting inspired the palette of the design. The beautiful antique gold frame has so much character and the colors in the painting are heavily filled with neutrals. This got me very excited about the opportunity to blend modern forms with this vintage color palette (a style I knew I already loved). It was an exciting challenge. And I love our master bedroom!

You can do it too!




Bronze Lamp: World Market

Frames: Target

Bedding: Target

Quilt: yours truly! Harvest Studio

End Table: yours truly and my patience husband who builds cool things when I say “hey can you build this?”

Painting: “Bendabout” by my amazing grandfather E. Howard Burger