Install A Ceiling Fan

Would you believe me if I said you can do this? Because that is what I am saying! Would you believe me if I said you’d also have fun doing it? Because I am also saying that you will have fun too! It’s okay to call me crazy, maybe I am a little. But trust me, you can do it. I believe in you! Here is how I installed a ceiling fan in our guest room, and I hope this inspires you to have courage and believe in yourself to do your own home projects! 

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Embrace Design Constraints

Creativity maximizes itself when you embrace design parameters as an exciting challenge. Don’t avoid challenges, embrace them. A blank page may let you do whatever you want, but it won’t always bend, twist or stretch your ability to create. Creativity is an ever changing phenomenon and your personal creativity can grow when you don’t let design constraints scare you. Instead, see that design constraints are going to result in a more thoughtful, educated, tested and explored product. The design process won’t hurt you, it’ll grow you! Read More

Affordable Room Transformation

My husband and I have been desiring a remodeled closet for quite some time. Our home was built in the 80s and the storage system was very poor and it was also looking worn down. But when you think of the word “remodel,” dollar signs typically pop up in your head. Don’t let the word scare you, because there are smart and clever ways to make affordable transformations that also look great. Here was the plan….

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Dream Big in a Small Room

There is something beautiful when a space can be designed to include the function and beauty of each item, instead of hiding them. That’s what I like to call simple living: making beauty out of the functional items in a space by integrating their purpose in the design. Thus, you have less “things” Read More