Furniture Makeover: Bedroom Dresser Update

If you’re like me, you can be very sentimental over objects, especially if it’s an item that’s been passed down in your family. But how do you balance sentimentality and simplified living? I think that the best method to finding balance is to identify those items that mean the most to you (donating the things…

How To Design Your Own Furniture

Some times you just have to get your hands dirty, wrestle with an idea, sit on it, and wrestle with it some more. In the end, you’ll see how your hard work pays off! This is how I felt about a piece in our home.

Furniture Makeover : Reupholstering

To me, the beauty of redesigning furniture is that the piece then becomes more connected to the space once the project is complete. Buying a new piece of furniture and setting it in your home is fun and exciting but it’s also an unfamiliar object now occupying space in your home. You’re not used to…

Let Nature Inspire You With This Wooden End Table

I could not be more excited about this end table that my husband built for me. I have dreamed of it for so long, and it was well worth the wait! A few years ago, some coworkers of mine were cutting down a tree, and I couldn’t help but think of what could become of…

Homemade Furniture: Playing With LEGOS

Did you know that LEGOs make a great mold for concrete?? I didn’t either so I had to find out. With a little bit of caulk, LEGOs make incredible concrete molds, and they are fun to use because you can make clean lines and fantastic shapes for your mold!